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The Top three social media tools that every small business needs

Oct 06, 2021

There are so many apps and tools and websites and platforms out there that advertise and claim to be the next best thing for small businesses to use when it comes to creating social media content.

And sometimes it can make it really overwhelming and intimidating as a small business owner to manage your own social media with, if there are so many different tools and options out there for you, how do you even decide? Right.

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Well, I have over seven years of experience in digital marketing and social media
marketing for small businesses.

And I have worked with countless small businesses in creating strategy plans and creating all of their content for their social media accounts.

So I know like what tools to use and which ones are a waste of time, which ones are a waste of money.

So I'm going to really quickly break down for...

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How To Plan Out Your Social Media Content For A Month

Oct 06, 2021

When you sit down and you think about all the things that you could post on your Facebook or Instagram page, it can sometimes be overwhelming. There's fun holidays to post about. You've got some sales that you want to be promoting. You know, that there are fun memes that you can post, but you're not really sure what is going to be the most productive. And what's going to make the most sense, right? And I find as a social media marketer who manages content marketing strategies for small businesses, that a lot of the reason that small business owners don't do this task and their business for themselves is because quite frankly, it intimidates them and they just don't know where to begin. But I want to let you know that it is actually more simple than you're making it out to be. And in this article, I want to break down some very practical steps on how to plan out your social media content.

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The Right Content Strategy to Keep Your Audience Engaged

Oct 06, 2021

Question: What is the right content strategy to keep your audience engaged on social media?

Answer: The 80/20 Rule. 

So there's really a few things that you need to know about the world of social media marketing. 

Quick fact: there are over 300,000 status updates, every 60 seconds on Facebook alone. 

What does that mean? That means there's a lot of stuff going on on that platform.

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Obviously you are probably aware that there's algorithms in place that decide whose posts get seen by what people and when and all of that stuff. 

So it's very, very important as a business owner if you are trying to 1) reach your customers and your audience online, but 2) grow that as well. 

That's why it's so important that you have a good content marketing strategy in place for your business. 

So let's...

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Stop Wasting Time Creating Social Media Posts by Batching Content

Oct 06, 2021

So I want to talk today about the importance of creating Social Media Posts and Batching Content and in another post, I know that I've talked to you guys about the Five Reasons Why You Should Batch Your Content. But today I really want to focus on what the actual steps look like to Batch Social Media Content. 

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Where I want to begin is, Are you familiar with what meal prepping is? 

See people do meal prepping to get themselves organized. Typically it's a Sunday or maybe even Monday, they get themselves organized for the week for all of their meals.

They create the meals all at once. And that takes care of them having to cook every night that week, you know, making the different meals. 

So for me and my family cooking can be anywhere from half an hour to an hour worth of time if I cook...

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Using Social Media Marketing to Elevate Your Business | The Profits & Prosecco Podcast with Katie Ferro | Guest: Danielle Welch

Oct 06, 2021


In early 2020 I was introduced to Katie Ferro by a business coach of mine during a group coaching call talking about profitability in your business and bookkeeping. Being the spreadsheet lover that I am, I immediately fell in love with everything Katie had created and just who she was as a fellow female entrepreneur who also just so happened to be a full time work from home mom also. After purchasing her Small Business Starter Kit program (use code BRIDGE for 15% off) and implementing it into my monthly bookkeeping dates with myself, I began to realize how much a freakin' genius Katie was. So I did what any normal person would do and I began stalking her Instagram and DMing her. :) 

Long story short, my plan worked and a friendship was formed! Throughout the remainder of 2020 we continued to talk, and voice text back and forth, I invited her into my facebook group to do a training on small biz profitability, and then when she told me she was starting a podcast I was...

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5 Reasons to Batch Your Social Media Content

Oct 06, 2021

Ever find yourself looking at the clock and saying, "Man, where did the time go?" or "I really don't have any time to do this right now." When it comes to creating social media content for your business, I do NOT want you to think about those things. I want you to experience a sense of accomplishment, pride and give yourself a pat on the back when you're done. Ready to learn how?? Two words: Batch Content

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Batching your content means you set aside a block of time, and you plan, create and schedule as much content as possible in that time frame. Why? Read on my friends and I think you'll better understand.

1) Batching Content Buys You Time

When I say "buys you time", obviously you know you can't buy time. It's not for sale at your local grocery store or trading on the NYE Stock Exchange. 

No, what I mean by...

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You need to hire a Social Media Manager. Let me tell you why.

Oct 06, 2021

Whether you are a local small business, a solo entrepreneur, or a large agency owner, you need to hire a Social Media Manager.

As defined, someone who has an above-average to advanced level of knowledge & expertise in all things social media.

A person who lives and breaths the comings and going of social media trends.

An individual whose sole role for your company is to ensure you are properly and effectively represented in the ever-changing and busy world of social media. 

In this article, I am going to share with you my reasons for why it’s important to hire a Social Media Manager.

Are you new here?  You should join my EXCLUSIVE Facebook community "Social Media Training and Strategy for Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs" by clicking here!

Before I begin though let me just say this; I am a Social Media Manager for local small businesses. I plan, create, schedule and engage in their content on their behalf.

I ensure my clients stay front of mind to...

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What's the right time to start a Social Media Freelance Business

May 10, 2021

Over the last 7 years of being in the entrepreneurship space and I've been able to meet a lot of people who have so many wonderful ideas for starting a business, creating a product, etc. but most don't end up doing it because they're "waiting for a sign" that they should do it. (I've been there too at times!!)

Don't get me wrong... I'm definitely one to pray on big decisions, seek wisdom from trusted mentors, and try not to rush into unchartered territories. But I'm also very aware of whether it's a matter of needing "confirmation" (or in honesty, approval from others)... OR if it's more of a COMFORT ZONE issue.

Yeah, I'm going there with you my friend... I want to give you some encouragement and perhaps a little bit of my story can inspire you, because with all honesty, starting my freelance marketing company in June 2018 and then moving full time with it by October that year happened both quickly & a little bit unexpectantly.

Sometimes, we need all of the stars to align...

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What Tools Do You Need As a Social Media Manager

Apr 30, 2021

What are the must have tools for a social media manager to have in place in order to run an incredible social media management business? Well, that's what we're going to cover today.

For me and my business, when I started it back in 2018, I kinda was just figuring things out on my own. I had five years experience in the digital marketing arena. 

I worked for two different advertising agencies. I was a marketing consultant for both of them. 

So I would be on the front lines of working with businesses and helping them to figure out what type of marketing strategy they needed for their business. 

Are you new here? I also have the following posts to help you learn more about all things Social Media and Digital Marketing for Small Businesses!

... and of course, you should join my EXCLUSIVE Facebook community "Social Media Training and Strategy for Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs" by...

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