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Social Media Coaching & Consulting For The Small Business That Is Doing It ALL On Their Own!


Are You DIY-ing Your Social Media?

You are a local small business owner or an online entrepreneur who...

Can't hire someone

As much as you'd like to have someone else do your social media for you... right now you're not in a financial position to do that.

Wants to do it

You actually like keeping your hands on the social media piece of your business and are wanting to learn more.

Needs ongoing support

You're doing all the social media yourself (or internally in your business) but you know you need to keep up with trends, tips and occasionally need 1:1 support!

If You Can Say YES To Any Of That Then Keep Reading... You're In The Right Place!

Introducing the Social Squad Membership Community

A monthly membership community for business owners who are DIY-ing their own social media but need the extra support as they focus on growing their business online!

Whether you are just starting your business & cash flow is limited so you have to DIY or you just aren't ready to bring someone in to do it for you because you still wanted to be involved in what's being posted online.

When you are a business owner that wears a lot of hats, it can be overwhelming. You don't need social media to overwhelm you more than it already does.

Typically what overwhelms you about social media is the tech, the trends, and "the right strategy". It can also be intimidating seeing others kill it online while you're still trying to figure things out.

Here's my qualm with all of that... I do not want the dreams and goals you have for your business to fade because social media stresses you out or is overwhelming.

So I am here to tell you that it doesn't have to stress you out or be hard!

You can own it on social media.

You can be confident in talking about your business.

You can have fun & enjoy it!

If you keep trying to figure it all out on your own though... you will continue to feel lost, stressed, and overwhelmed.

That is why I formed the Social Squad Membership Community!! To create a space where you can come be educated, empowered, and encouraged about doing your own social media.

Doing it on your own doesn't mean you have to figure it out on your own!

Join the Social Squad for ~ $1/day

Membership Perks

When you join the Social Squad Membership Community here is everything that you get access to!

1 Monthly Live Group Q&A Call

Held on the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 12:00pm CST come with any and all questions/struggles surrounding social media and get them answered. Plus, listen to your peers ask questions and get their answers! You never know what might get asked and what you might learn from others!

1 Monthly Training Class

On the last Wednesday of every month at 12:00pm CST you will get free access to the monthly training/masterclass on all things social media and marketing. These masterclasses will be available to the public at varying rates depending on the topic, but usually are going to be priced between $17-$97 to attend. As a member though you get access FOR FREE!

Access to Course Library & Vault

Over 40 hours of social media training is what's waiting for you inside of the course library! As well as the Training Vault from all of 2020 & 2021 group coaching and training classes! This includes Social Media Strategy Planning, Batching/Creating a Month of Content in under 5 hours every month, Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses and much much more!

Exclusive Community Group

Connect with the other members of the Social Squad community inside of our exclusive Facebook Group which also serves as a landing zone for questions and idea bouncing in between our monthly live Q&A coaching calls!

Join SOCIAL SQUAD now for $33/month

The details of how this monthly membership community operates are pretty straightforward. As long as you are an active member, you will keep your access to all of the features we've talked about above. There's no cancellation fees. No long term commitments. When you are ready to leave the program, you just cancel your membership or let me know directly! It's that simple!


You aren't ready to hire out yet, but you also don't want to be apart of a membership or have 1:1 coaching... you just want to study and apply on your own.

We get it!

That is why we’ve developed an online course library for you to find the right program to best suit your needs for DIY-ing your social media marketing! 



Maybe you are ready to outsource your social media OR you are wanting to just take your own DIY skills to the next level, we also offer Marketing Services and Strategy + Consulting Packages to fit your specific business needs.


About & Mission

Check out this quick video from our founder Danielle Welch on why she started Bridge Consulting & Design and the vision she has for the impact we will have on the small business sector.


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